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Biomass Heating

Biomass heating systems are a low-carbon way of generating heat in your home or business premises through a simple biomass generator. Biomass is plant material, like wood, which can be burned as logs, woodchip or pellets. Plant material naturally releases carbon as it decomposes, so using it as fuel is considerably less harmful to the environment than using coal, oil or gas.

Biomass boilers work like gas or oil fired boilers – the only real difference is the fuel. They can be used to heat your whole home and provide you with hot water.

Biomass boilers are cheapest if you have access to a ready and free supply of plant material, otherwise wood pellets, woodchip and kiln dried logs, which can be bought from many local suppliers can offer great savings against traditional fossil fuels such as oil or LPG.


The Benefits

There are many benefits and reason to choose Biomass. There are interest free loans of up to £10,000 available from energy savings trust Scotland at present, as well as being eligible for government RHI payments.

The system is far less harmful to the environment and offers an excellent return on investment.