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8th June 2016

Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Installation of an LG 16kw monobloc heat pump @ Kippen, Stirlingshire. This 16kw monobloc low temperature LG heat pump serves a traditional 3 bedroom cottage which was recently renovated. The high efficiency heat pump provides heating and hot water requirements to the property, whilst the client benefits from low running costs and 7 year term renewable heat incentive. The heat pump comes with LG’s fantastic 7 year parts and labour warranty.



8th June 2016

Solar Thermal Installation

Solar Thermal installation @ 4 bedroom property in Stirling. Installation of 2 panel in-roof solar thermal system which will provide hot water requirements to a family of 4 throughout the summer months, whilst pre-heating the hot water cylinder in the shorter winter months which saves on fuel usage for the gas boiler.


8th June 2016

Underfloor Heating Installation

Installation of solid floor (screed) underfloor heating system @ new build in Stirlingshire. This solid floor underfloor heating system provides our client with an excellent spread of heat throughout the property, whilst saving on fuel bills due to the low operating flow temperature which is required for underfloor heating.



29th April 2016

15KW Biomass Installation


Biomass installation @ new build property @ Drum by Kinross. This installation included a new 15Kw Froling P1 pellet boiler which includes Froling’s unique pellet cube with fully automatic vacuum feed system. The pellet cube is capable of holding 330kg of pellets which saves on manually filling the boiler on a regular basis, this is an ideal solution if space is not available for larger external pellet hoppers.

29th April 2016

Froling Dual Fuel Installation


Dual fuel biomass installation @ Muirmill Farm, Denny, Stirlingshire. Our client benefited from the fully automatic Froling SP dual fuel biomass boiler which automatically switches between log wood and pellet. If there is a demand for heat and there is no log wood in the chamber, the boiler automatically switches over to pellet which is fed from the pellet hopper via the vacuum feed system. This is a huge benefit for our client as he is able to utilise his supply of on site firewood, but can be safe in the knowledge heat demand will be met via pellet for when he is away from home.

25th March 2016

Lochend Chalets Biomass Installation


80kw Biomass installation @ Lochend Chalets, Port Of Menteith, Stirlingshire. Installation of a Froling 80kw P4 pellet boiler which provides heating and hot water requirements to 6nr watersite chalets, and will also serve requirements to a further 2 chalets which are proposed for a future development. The bespoke cabin houses all required plant equipment as well as a 15 ton pellet store. The boiler is automatically fed via the Froling auger and vacuum feed system.

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